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Sharp Security Services.

"Every Second Matters"

Welcome Future Clients! You Are At The Right Website With The Sharpest Security Services!

Thank you for visiting our website where we can offer to meet your current and future needs. We have a "Top Notch Management Team" with advanced professional and educational backgrounds in Law enforcement and Security.

Our goal is to maintain a strict and unwavering code of ethics to our staff, customers, clients, and the community. We aim to provide the most qualified, dedicated and professional guards and law enforcement officers to represent the client and protect their most valuable assets.

We provide a wide range of concise and effective services to our clients. In our standard initial consultation we will discuss and present a package that will be best suited to your needs. We're available to help you decide what is best, Whether it is short or long term.

Scope of Services:

  • Provide all clients with 24-hour-a-day contact with our management team.
  • All Officers are outfitted in a professional uniform.
  • Office support for scheduling personnel and advisory needs.
  • Carefully Maintained log books, incident reports, and other such documents/records as required by the client's individual needs.
  • Ongoing Services for Front Desk Monitoring/Coordinator, Residential Communities, Health care, Office Buildings, Warehouses, Government Institutions, Apartment Communities, High-rise Buildings, Events, Retail, and ALL YOUR SECURITY NEEDS!

Local references available.
Same day services available.

Call us today for a initial consultation!

Affordable Rates!!

Small Disadvantaged Business Certified through the United States Government